Hanifullah Jamlazai

Full-stack developer

$10.00 / hr Afghanistan 5 years of experience
Innovative, task-driven professional with 4+ years of experience in web design and development across diverse industries. Equipped with a record of success in consistently identifying and providing the technological needs of companies through ingenious innovation. Proficient in developing databases, creating user interfaces, writing and testing codes, troubleshooting simple/complex issues, and implementing new features.

Work Experiences

Software Developer

Kabul - Afghanistan
January 2022 Present
Contract: Full Time

Full-stack Web Developer

Kabul - Afghanistan
March 2017 August 2021
Contract: Full Time
Worked in big Applications and Learned a lot and happy for gaining much more experience.

Full-stack Web Developer

Kolkata, West Bengal, India
September 2021 November 2021
Contract: Internship
At final stage, I created a Responsive and fully functional dynamic web app for "TachyonAI" which is fully configured with Email and SMS and Notifications where it is suitable and flexible with all major companies portfolio's. ( Front-end: Bootstrap, JS ), (Backend: Laravel ). Here is the link for source code. https://github.com/HanifullahJamalzai/TachyonAI_webpage

Front-end Developer

August 2020 December 2020
Contract: Internship
Job Description: The Software Developer Internship position with the Company will be responsible for working on software development, design (Machine Learning/AI), installation, testing and maintenance of our AWS server. Your position will be Software Developer; however, depending on your performance in the position, we will determine the best position for you within the project.



Bootcamp Web Development
October 2021 to February 2022

Kabul Polytechnic university

Bachelor Computer Science Faculty of (CIS) Computer Information Science
August 2017 to April 2022


Frontend Developer Career Path

October 2021 to February 2022