Murtaza Nikzad

Web Developer | Writer

$10.00 / hr Afghanistan 2 years of experience
Portfolio + Projects: Born in a refugee camp and raised in a war-torn city, I'm Murtaza; a young, living writer who has been working in the field of writing for two years now. I have worked as a reporter and translator at Subh-e-Kabul Daily, as translation editor at Peiramoon Weekly, as contributing author at Global Voices and as co-founder of Nahang ESCC. I believe that life is full of absurdities and it is our job to find humour in them.

Work Experiences

Software Developer Intern

Rapid Iteration
Kabul, Afghanistan
November 2022 Present
Contract: Internship

Contributing Author

Global Voices
November 2020 January 2021
Contract: Freelance

• Reporting latest happenings, as a correspondent.

• interviewed with the victims of Sayed-ul Shuhada Girls’ High School in West Kabul.

Contact :-Paolo Sorbello; South Asia Editor

Translation Editor

Peiramoon Weekly
July 2020 March 2021
Contract: Freelance

• Supervised translation of about 30 articles for the newspaper and published six translated articles.

• Worked with a team of 3 writers and translators to publish the-state-of-art articles about the situation of labour and neo-leftist art and sciences.

Contact :-Akhgar Rahnaward; Editor in Chief

Translator and Narrative Writer

Subh-e-Kabul Daily newspaper
Kabul, Afghanistan
January 2021 Present
Contract: Full Time

• Passed an internship for the first month and competed with 4 other candidates.

• Wrote at least one feature every week about women’s life under the Taliban’s dominance, one of the most read columns of our newspaper.

• Avg. size of translated arts. published from our newspaper rose to about 30% when I joined the team.

Contact :-Mukhtar Pedram; Publisher


Abdul Rahim Shaheed High School

High School International Baccalaureate
February 2019 to December 2021


Statistics for Data Visualization With Python

Khan Academy
February 2022 to March 2022

Data Science

January 2022 to February 2022

Basics of ML

January 2022 to February 2022



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December 23rd, 2021
Murtaza has outstanding work ethics and takes the tasks very seriously. He is honest, humble and passionate in all things he do. It was a pleasure working with him.